Food habit in London

London people are very selective while making their choice for food. According to them food ought to be the source of nourishment for all the living being. But regrettably, you will be surprised to know that near about 50 million of people at London get sick as of eating unhealthy and unsafe food. Above 100,000 hospitalisations and  3,000 deaths are recorded in a research. Some health experts predict that there is a chance of one heart disease, in every six due to the intake of the wrong food in this modern era.

The harmful toxin effect of unsafe food:

The main issue with the serious heart disease caused by the intake of unsafe food is the presence of toxic. That is due to viruses, bacteria and parasites. For instance, there is a bacteria called Salmonella, generally found in peanut will be the cause of 400 deaths and 1.4 million cases of food borne illness each year.  Another thing is that, the pesticide used for better growth of the green veggies is not less harmful then toxin. This wrong method of production and manufacturing practices may cause the some severe health hazards. So, for the betterment of the society and the people, government should handle the matter through enforcing stricter regulations.

Requisite of safe food:

Apart from this the package should be effective which should prevent the food to get spoiled. The packaging for different food is different. It should be done based upon the nature and quality of the food.

The private corporations and sectors in this industry are the profit monster, who don’t even think once before compromising with the quality of the food. There should be appropriate rules and policies to secure the safety of food. In some cases it is observed that due to heavy imposition of taxation on the food industry they are not able to maintain the standard of their food, and as the end result they put consumers at risk.