History of Barber in London

Nothing can be compared with the skill and excellence of a haircut done by an efficient Barber at London. Just try it out once if you are new to the place.

A move to the change of fashion:

As we know after WWI, due to several factors the barber lost their position in the society. After that a few company raise with the idea of selling at-home haircutting kits, with which you can cut your hair by your own. This practice shrunk barbers’ clientele and people started going to barber shop less frequently. Another factor which contributed to this is the fashion trending at that time. People started growing their hair longer and shaggier as Beatlemania and the hippie culture.

Gone are the days of 1960s, then men come to the 1980s, when again the short hair style came back. However a new type of hairdresser came to the barber industry in London. Yes, that is unisex salon. These are the places for supercuts. They are neither barbershops nor beauty salons. They are the cosmetologist entering into the hair cutting profession almost by ceasing barbershops business London.

Significance of hair cutting profession:

Barbers are the expert hands who know to cut a man’s hair. Many people go to unisex chain salon for trendy and stylish fashion. Soon within the first week of the haircut you can notice your so called trendy hairstyle would grow out into a ghastly bowl. Hence, you won’t get an ultimate cut with all the perfection anywhere beside London city.

The reason behind it is that the hair dressers working at salons are not really the trained barbers. They are not even a member of the industry. Yes they are simply the cosmetologists not the Barbers. They do not have the expertise or skill set to cut with clippers, which is the most important man’s hair cutting tool. Only a barber knows the use of clippers, while these modern cosmetologists are masters in scissors art.