London top places to visit

In London you won’t find combo package where you compulsorily have to pay for a joint package, irrespective of whether you have used it or not. Here you can go with the service where you are paying less that is only the amount which you are using. That means you will be charged for the services that you have used actually such as snacks, meals etc.

People planning their trip to London should include to visit the places like Brighton and Bristol in their list.


Brighton is the name of  resort town located in East Sussex near English seaside. Its location has made it a popular destination for tourists. The town is renowned for its arts scene, nightlife, shopping and festivals. All the core attractions of the city were built in the Victorian era. It also includes the Brighton Palace Pier, which is the Grand Hotel and the West Pier as well. Brighton Pier has got established in the year of 1899. you will find  waterfront at the central location as well as rides and food kiosks. This is a popular day trip destination.


In South West England, Bristol is a unitary authority area and county . This is another one of the UK’s more vibrant cities. The city has some great museums. The M shade tells the story of its people and life of Bristol and its unique place in the world. Bristol is close to Bath, a trip to one city should really go hand in hand with a trip to the other city.

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