Top places to visit outside of London

The world is full of several travel destination. You can plan your trip as per your taste and preference. I suggest a London tour to all my friends. There a lots of things to see and enjoy there. No matter from where you want to make a start. Here I propose you a couple of   awesome London destination. This will definitely increase your fun in the trip. Make sure that you will enjoy the location to its fullest.

Below are the historical places situated a little away from the core town of London. These are the most visited places as the tourist love the destinations.


Edinburgh is the second most visited place outside of London and it is famous for its beautifully preserved historic buildings, strong and rich culture, food and people. This is the capital city of Scotland and the largest financial centre in the UK after London. The city hosts some renown events such as Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.


Bath is known for its Roman built baths. All remarkable stages of the history of England are reflected within the city, starting from the Roman Baths to the end of the Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey. the place is also famous for the recent Thermae Bath Spa. The city has offered visitors the opportunity to bathe in naturally heated spring waters at Thermae Bath Spa.

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