Air pollution from London traffic is affecting the health of unborn babies

Nature is clean and safe. It has all the good things for us to live with. But it gets polluted with some man-made pollutant substances. Pollution occurs when these artificial pollutants get contaminated to the natural surroundings. This, in fact, affects the health and lifestyles of all the living beings adversely. Pollutants are the environmental wastage. Pollution causes our ecosystem disturbed. It creates an imbalance in the environment which may lead to disaster. Ultimately Pollution rises to global warming and affecting the health of unborn babies. More information on to know how air pollution affecting the health of unborn babies in London.

Pollution can be termed as making our environment dirty and unsafe. It turns the water, land and other parts of the environmental contaminant and unsuitable to use. These pollutants are Sometimes tangible and sometimes not. Even often sound, light and temperature can be considered pollutants.

You will be surprised to see that as per the study conducted by a non-profit environmental organization Pure Earth, toxic pollution affects more than 200 million people globally. It is really a serious matter to the health and future of our next generation. It has been seen that in some polluted worst places children are born with birth defects. The life expectancy of the common man is reduced to 45 years. It is creating serious health issue and sometimes death among unborn babies. More and more serious diseases are coming into the picture.

Here we will focus on the environmental pollutants like pesticides and industrial poisons found in not only in processed food. This toxin may cause a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The risk of all serious health issues is increasing day by day.

So now to defend ourselves against this onslaught our first attempt should be to avoid the intake of these toxins as much as possible.