The London Natives

Lots of London citizens are there  who are far from their native. Every day their heart cries for their motherland. The beauty of the place, the sweet memory and the inclination to the location tempted them to come to Spain each day. But due to some personal obligation, job, career or other responsibility they are continuing to stay there.

Tips to stay happy:

While doing practice on the piano, a child gets masters through focusing 1/2 an hour every day. He follows the process of learning with all dedication.  That is because the kid loves to do that. It is the feeling which he enjoys from the heart. So always do the thing which you enjoy or which you want to do from the bottom of the your heart.

Do the things your heart like:

The child, however, following his heart will definitely earn success in some future days.  It will take 4 to 8 years, basing on the practice habit goals, and talent, for a student turning into a great musician. The time then it happens, it’s just like watching the tulips bloom in spring. the child would have been happier in becoming a musician than to take any other profession. It is not all about how much you earn or how much successful you become. It is all about your inner happiness and joy.

People leaving their native London are not really happy in any way. So in my personal view we should do the things in which we are comfortable. No matters how much success you have earned but every day you will lead a frustrated life if at all you ignore your inner happiness.

So make your life smooth. Do what you really want to do. No matter where you are staying, but you should have love for the place. It will affect your personality in a better way. Following the tips you will the happiest man on the planet.  You can live your life to the fullest.

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