A health Tip to keep you Young

People at london are very particular about their health. They follow good methods to keep them fit. Following are the basic Vitamins that every body needs to get run properly. Get a note of the following.

Vitamin A:

It is also known as beta carotene. Vitamin A is very useful to the body to keep eyesight and develop the growth of healthy bones, teeth, hair, and skin. It also helps in the building of new cell in the human body. You will get a better and strengthen the immune system with a developed reproductive process. Our body takes beta-carotene from the food we eat and later convert it into vitamin A.

Vitamin B1:

Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamine. It is important for the body to convert carbohydrates into energy. For the better and general function of the muscles, nervous system, digestion, and heart Vitamin B1 is significant. It is also responsible for hair growth. The deficiency of this Vitamin may lead to the trouble of less concentration and loss of appetite. Exhaustion, weakness, and fatigue are also some other symptoms of deficiency of Vitamin B1. So it’s better to add Potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, peas, Poultry, avocado, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds, Bananas and Liver to your diet.

Vitamin B2:

This is otherwise called Riboflavin. It is essential for growth in the body. Our nails and hair need it to grow. It helps to improve the skin and prevent sores and swelling. You will find the deficiency symptoms of Vitamin B2 may include irritation of eyes, lips, skin and itching. Best sources of Vitamin B2 are eggs, fish, and shellfish, poultry, meat, kiwi, dairy products, broccoli, avocado, spinach, asparagus and turnip greens

Vitamin C:

It is otherwise known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is helpful for proper hair growth. It also assists to build the connective tissues and organs. It is an antioxidant in the body. The Deficiency of the Vitamin C may lead you to an issue of bleeding and inflamed gums, poor wound healing and loose teeth. Try to eat citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruits, melons, berries, and limes as much as you can.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant for the human body. It comes from the vegetable oil like corn, cottonseed, soybean, etc.  However, the other sources include the vegetables and fruits along with grains, nuts, seeds, etc.