Domestic and Global competition for London

Seldom has an industry challenged the extent of multi-dimensional change the automotive industry faces nowadays. As per the foundation the economic transformation of the advanced world a century ago and doing well in bringing mobility and prosperity in the today’s developing world. Moreover the industry finds itself simultaneously desired for both the economic requirement of the society such as employment and investment in the trade environment.

The Global competition:

Now just take an example of real world phenomenon to illustrate the Global competition on how the decisions made by management of the concern in relation to change in labour demand supply, unions, relations, and rules and regulations in particular type industry such as in an automobile industries.
Automakers should be aware of new technological changes and the changing dynamics relating to the production, accusation, and distribution of the automobiles. Consumer now are getting more sophisticated and empowered. Their need and want are changing in a greater pace as per their taste and preference. You cannot anticipate their buying behaviour. Their requirement may shift from purchasing an automobile to a transportation services for multiple uses.

Effect of Global competition in the Industry:

To develop the process of making automobile and to implement a different innovative technique to add some value the first and foremost thing that has to change is the wide spread labour force involved in the production. Not only the work force but the method and location should also change accordingly. The work force should be selected according to their skill set, diversity, experience, cultural awareness and adaptation to the situation. This global workforce will be able to sustain and support the auto industry the most. It will facilitate product development and will sustain and support the auto industry. As the new workforce shares diverse cultures they will be acquainted in multiple languages. They should be the virtual workers. They will focus on the strategic work like project planning and software development. Another important aspect is the leadership quality which supports the system a lot by emphasising on importing quality executives from outside of the industry.