How Globalization encourage to lead a nation

Toyota Motor Corporation is global leading manufacturing companies with about 70 years in the market experience, now become the world’s third largest vehicle manufacturing company with a wide model range and high technology. That is possible only due to fundamental principles for the Quality Management philosophy of satisfying customer need & requirement and taste & preference. It achieves the targeted objective by satisfying the supplier along with continuous improve on the business processes.

Effect of Globalization in London:

Globalization is however a single economy operating within a world economy. Globalization encourages the most cost-effective and efficient way of use of resources. This targeted market improves production and efficiency by implementing specialization into their production method to survive in the market in the days of heavy competition.

Implementing Quality Management Process:

Therefore it is quite important for the part of an organization to maintain competitive in the progression of the business environment, the concern always should desire for looking innovative techniques to grow in the market and at the same time should reduce cost keeping in view the customer satisfaction. Thus the chief objective for the Total Quality Management process is to produce high quality products at a low cost and to satisfy the customer the most. Its efforts are line up in the areas like enhancing the operating efficiencies, increasing the bottom line profit, providing the employees a better working environment to maximize working ability in an efficient way and building blocks for the organizations for the short-term or long-term in order to achieve the organisational goal.

So in a nutshell it can be said that definition of quality is Delighting the customer by meeting their requirement and expectations fully. These include appearance, performance, delivery, availability, maintainability, cost effectiveness, reliability and price. Therefore it is imperative for the organization to have knowledge about the needs and expectations of the customers. Furthermore, having identified them, the trade industry must understand them and measure its own ability in executing the same…