Making the Most of Your Business Trip from London to Canada

London entrepreneurs can make a fruitful business trip form London to Canada without facing any hassle at the embassy, once they take the necessary steps to ensure they meet the stipulated requirements. We will explore how London entrepreneurs can make business trip to Canada, leaving you with some time to enjoy the benefits of that country’s tourism offerings.

As of March 2016, Britons travelling to Canada are required to apply online to enter the country. The Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) requirement applies to all visa-exempt visitors. The authorization which is electronically linked to the passport is valid for five years or until the passport expires, and allows the holder of the eTA linked passport to enter Canada as many times they wish during the validity of the eTA. Entrepreneurs who have a different type of British nationality or who intend to travel to Canada for a longer period will need to check with the Canadian High Commission for entry requirements.

A business visitor to Canada is someone who enters the country with the intent to engage in international business activities without making a direct entry into the Canadian labour market. This includes those who travel to Canada to meet personnels from a local company with which their UK based company has a business relation.

As pointed out before, as a business visitor, you may need to apply for a Canadian visa or eTA which serves as an e-visa to Canada. Check the Canadian Government website to see which you will need. Once you’ve determined that you need an ETA Canada travel authorization, ensure that you get it when planning your trip and not wait for the last minute to apply. You must travel with the eTA passport or you will be denied entry into the country. If your requirement is a visitor visa, your application must be accompanied by certain documents: a letter of invitation from your potential business partner in Canada; and 24-hour contact details for that individual. You may also be required to present identification cards or proof that you have a job.

A business visitor must show that they will be staying for less than six months and that they have no plans to enter the Canadian labour market. You will also need to show proof that your main place of business, source of income and profits are outside of Canada. You will need to present documents that support your application and that you meet Canada’s basic entry requirement: a valid travel document such as your passport, enough money to cover your stay and to return home. You will also need to satisfy the authorities that you are not a criminal, present no security or health risk to Canadian citizens, and that you plan to leave the country at the end of your visit.