How organic food saves you

However, it is better to go with the organic food as the producers do not use pesticides. Organic grows are becoming more popular among the consumers. Some international suppliers and a few larger domestic farms are entering into the business to sell organic produce. So, there should be effective standards and principles intended for the food safety regulations for organic food.

Health benefits of Organic Food:

The food industry offer greater, saltier, juicier, sweeter and crunchier food. Many people like it. But are they healthier at all? The marketing team of most of the food industry  has been tabbed by many health experts as a major participant in the obesity epidemic. It is the result of constant exposure to today’s food environment, the recent modern food habit has been to drive people to desire to have high-calorie foods and that is the main reason of outbreak of early heart disease among the people.

spreading awareness for preventing hazardous food effect:

Now the food industries are working hard to save the people from the hazardous effect of the industrial food. The food industry takes effective steps seemingly in the right direction through the way of launching campaigns to bring healthier products to school children.

No one can deny that fresh apples have an abundance of fibre and nutrients than that of apple juice. Therefore eating fruits gets you a greater dietary value than anything else. apart from that, the added sugar and other additive artificial sweeteners increase the calories count and hazardous effect to the juice. If you consume apple juice, it is even has had almost all of the fibre and nutrients stripped out and have very less nutritional value. So adding more fresh food to your diet is a good option.

Now a days it becomes more likely to expect heart disease among people due to hazardous food. Many public health officers are investigating and trying to control the food borne illness among the people. There are some active social parties who engage themselves in spreading awareness for preventing such type of food borne outbreak.