How to get rid of symptom of cold in your Holiday Trip

Last year I was in a holiday trip to London with my family and fall ill due to attack of influenza. I tried the below techniques and got benefited within a couple of days. So here I am sharing a few tried and tested techniques. Please have a look and follow it in your vacation trip if required.

There is no harm in trying the easy home method to control the symptoms of cough. Just go through the below mentioned natural remedies if you are struggling with cold, cough or sore throat.

Honey and Lemon:

You will find the age old trick of hot honey and lemon, beneficial to avoid the symptom of cold , cough and sore throat. You can buy it from market or can prepare at home as well. The mixed syrup of honey and lemon can be made by combining a cup with warm water with a bit of honey and some drops of lemon juice. The citrus cause of lemon juice regulate the effect of cold very soon. Thus you will find the anti-inflammatory antibacterial mix helpful for your cold and cough syndrome.


The next great option is eating a raw garlic. Even clove can help you the most. add garlic to your food like soups, salads or stews. It has the antibiotic qualities to suppress the effect of cold in human body. The treatment of taking garlic capsules can alleviate a sore throat.


It has been seen that the rare proven herb Echinacea can help ease your cough and other cold caused symptoms. Echinacea is best known for its medicinal property. The antibiotic features of the product boost your immune system.

Chicken Soup:

If you are a non-vegetarian then Chicken soup is the best and tasty technique for you to get rid of the cold. Taking the hot chicken soup will help you feel better. Specially it is helpful for treating sore throat conditions. Vegetarian people can try tomato and vegetable soups as well.

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